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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  September 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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maria: donald trump and hillary clinton one-on-one. what to expect when the candidates face-off. >> the school rocked way allegations of racism. >> the growing harvey: rain on the way for the morning commute. not the only wet weather this week. maria: the family business turning out this updated -- addictive snack for 80 years. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at seven. maria: the countdown is on, two hours until the first presidential debate of 2016. ed: hillary clinton and donald trump will make their case for
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security. maria: the stakes are high tonight. emily: they do not get much higher than this. 100 million people are going to be watching this debate tonight. 112 million watch the super bowl. kind of a big deal. a recent abc news poll said that 74% of merit -- of americans will tune in to watch. eight of 10 will not change the minds because the race is so close that even a small amount of persuadable voters could make a difference. new polls showing how close this race is. it is a statistical dead heat. ed: what are we hearing from the campaign tonight? emily: the campaign -- candidates are laying low. vice president have been out on the campaign trail. mike pence was in florida.
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about what we can expect tonight. >> when they take the stand, no more media filters. no more parsing of words. >> donald trump likes to say it will build this well but i am not taking any questions. you have 90 minutes and there is a moderator and two of you on stage. you can run but you can't hide. emily: for the candi pretty and -- intense prep. donald trump met with advisers on friday and last night. maria: let's talk about the format. it is interesting how this whole thing will be set up. emily: 90 minutes, no
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afternoon. lester holt is the moderator. he set the topic so there will be america's election, achieving prosperity and security -- securing america. it leaves it open to ask any question. expect the unexpected. maria: always with this. that is what makes it so interesting. great job. we will see you later. new hampshire one of the swing states always, closely watched this ele gives hillary clinton an edge in the granite state. our reid lamberty is in salem, new hampshire tonight where he spoke with voters. reid: new hampshire does not weigh heavily in favor of either. it truly is straight down the middle making it four electoral votes truly up for grabs. >> you will say please.
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continuation of the reality show which has been the 2016 election season. reid: this is why the debate will be looked at for its entertainment value. >> voters do not look for detail. it is to get a feel for what the candidates are like. reid: each spend a lot of time here durin polls right now have hillary clinton with an edge over donald trump in new hampshire. like national polls, neither is very popular. >> definitely seen the debate to make up my mind. i want to see who is going to be the best at leading our nation. reid: smith likens this election to 1980 when an unpopular jimmy carter ran against ronald reagan, a celebrity who some said could not be taken seriously. >> we're having voters see if they can support their party's
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candidate. >> and want to hear more about both, i do understand where they stand on different issues. >> some voters will be watching for substance. others will be looking for fireworks. >> anytime you look at a debate you are looking for those nascar moments when one of them makes an unforgivable error. reid: both candidates will be here in the candidate -- in the granite professor smith believes hillary clinton will have more to lose as he believes most people think and believe and assume that donald trump will say something outlandish. ed: 100 million people will watch tonight's debate. you can watch it right here, it begins at 9 p.m. we will give you more information during the debate. you can watch the tweets come
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back-checking. we will have much more. emily is there live and reaction from our team of analysts as well. area: still a lot of questions about the man found in a life raft off the coast of massachusetts. nathan carman and his mom left rhode island on a fishing trip last weekend. nathan was found but still no word on where his mom is tonight. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich is live in south boston. mason carman is in good shape which is why they're letting a cargo ship bring him back to shore after a week or drifted see. >> he was found in a life raft. with a life jacket on and food and water. todd: he was rescued off martha's vineyard.
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to the coast guard. >> they left this marina for a fishing trip. he reports his both sank september 18 after taking on water. >> it was reported that he -- when the boat started taking on water, he got his life raft and when looking for his mom and he could not find her. >> the rescue comes after an exact is -- an exhaustive search. using ships and aircraft to komen area the size of the two days later the freighter finds nathan alone. >> i was thrilled that they found him and i was devastated that linda was not with him. todd: this billboard advertises a reward for information leading to an arrest for the murder of his grandfather, linda's father. he was killed three years ago in windsor, connecticut. at this point the coast guard says there are no plans to
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connecticut. as for her son when the freighter arrives nathan criminal be met by coast guard investigators who have a lot of questions for him including was there a radio on the vessel? if so, why no mayday call. ed: a month long investigation into boston latin handle allegations of -- handled incidents involving race and discrimination. newscenter 5's john atwater is live at boston latin with more. john: it has been a struggle for parents in the school community as racially charged allegations came to light and families fought for accountability. exit puts a spotlight here and it says what are you going to do to respond? john: students, faculty, and staff will go through training
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officer will monitor new complaints. >> the recommendations each to what is being, what we are being asked for by the parents and students. john: more than 100 complaints of racial inequity. the school's response to a racial threat between two students was mishandled. prompting the civil rights violation. >> help that they can be a model for the rest of the district. and not just be left o only real that they are real across the boston public schools. >> some change has been made and we will take this report and use it as a blueprint across the district as well. john: that is what parents are hoping for. the district says it is committed to implementing these changes. maria: the gas mileage on new cars dropping.
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might think. coming up, the real reason the numbers are changing. harvey: pleasant out there now but different for the morning commute. the timeline on approaching rain and changes for the week ed: thousands and thousands of pounds of potatoes turned into a favorite snack. a look behind the scenes of wachusett potato chips in tonight's made in mass. capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one reimagined banking... ? with a place that feels nothing like a bank. and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you. with free checking accounts that are actually free... no minimums. no fees.
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i'm a public school teacher in massachusetts, and i've reviewed question 2. it will make public education even stronger, re access to public charter schools, so parents have more choices for their kids' education, and public charter schools don't take funds away from public education. in fact, question 2 will result in more funding for education in massachusetts. please vote yes on question 2
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ed: dropping because of a change of how the numbers cap collated. it dropped in one mile by some 2017 years. mostly because more cars come with more features, like heated seats, that use electricity and create drag on engines. we also drive faster and run the air conditioning more than we used to which cuts into mileage. so the numbers are coming down.
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maria doug meehan introduces us : to the family that's been making wachusett potato chips for 80 years. >> monstrous mounds of spuds arrive everyday to the wachusett potato chip company in fitchburg. how many potatoes are we talking about? >> right here about 51,000 pounds approximately. and that's just one trailer full. barry krysiek's family started this company seasonal demand, anywhere from 4 to 6 of these trailer loads will be dropped off in just one day. an intricate maze of machinery moves the potatoes through this building that once served as a jail housing civil war spies. on their way to becoming chips or sticks, excess water is first removed from the potatoes then , they're pealed before hitting the rotary slicers.
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right off. >> 100ths of an inch can be the difference between chip styles. on this day those razor sharp blades were creating potato sticks. after achieving the perfected color and crispness the product is off to packing. nearly 1 million pounds of raw potatoes pass through here a week. whether it's regular, barbeque or sour cream and onion, they're bagged and bound for your local sub shop or corner convinence store. but this operation is now also nationwide after the utz company bought wachusett 3 years ago. sole provider of potato sticks for all of walmart 4700 stores. it's been a family business >> going all these years and it's good to see we keep on going. >> nothing goes to waste. that pure potato starch that is removed prior to slicing the potatoes is repurposed and used in things such as adhesive's,
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ed: doug brought a bunch of potato chips back. we would love to eat them right here but they could not make it to tonight. they were eaten a long time ago. harvey: that is not a surprise. it was really cool this morning. 48 was the lowest in four month going back to may 15. we had many older spots than that like bedford down32 taunton was 34. it'll skies again as we have had created -- as we have had. we have increasing clouds on the way. there is a weather change that is coming. tonight will not be anywhere near as cool as it was last night around the region. we are at 62 in the wind has gone to the south-southwest.
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it will drop back a little bit more and then the temperatures will study out. maybe inch out toward don. we have a band of rain that is breaking up. there is a front but i do expect some enhancement of the rain as it approaches us. the rain becomes -- air becomes more humid. that will move through tomorrow afternoon. the wet weather is tomorrow morning's commute and especially south of boston it could be lasting several hours longer. we get to 4:00 a.m. and the rain is west of worcester. getting to about six and they are in the boston area. add a couple of more hours and it is boston south. there can be some heavier downpours embedded in the rain. notice southeastern mass advocate them a still wet in the early afternoon. the weather gets better
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could respond some that don't get used to it. because the wind is going to shift and start coming from the northeast by wednesday morning and that will bring some ocean clouds in with a cooler east and northeasterly wind and once that steps up to my looks like we will have that ocean wind for the rest of the week. i think will be -- we will be locked in with clouds most of the time wednesday through friday with some damp weather that could be ocean mist or a di out right now. high temperatures for tomorrow, somewhat brighter finish in most places. things do start to change after that as you can see. we are talking about the weather pattern that is going to get us a little bit stuck. we have a northeast wind and a disturbance in the ohio valley that is reluctant to move.
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weekend. that is how it is looking. hope to see you later tonight. >> now, sportscenter 5. one minute drill. mike: we're speaking the truth in tonight's one minute drill. this is not a political statement about donkeys or elephants but instead about a workhorse. after 18 nba seasons, paul pierce announced today that this one will be his last. pierce goes down as a top 5 all time celtic. you might argue with my list which also includes havlicek, bird, and mchale. but the la native played 15 seasons in green and longevity helped his legacy. he is #2 in scoring to hondo, #2 in points per game to larry, #1 in 3 pointers made and we know he never saw a shot he didn't want to take or thought he couldn't make. but the numbers are just a part of the story. pierce was the captain, a leader, as emotional as you'll see you could feel his energy transcend the screen in big moments and he was the glue that held the team together for a
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and when his personal numbers went down banner #17 arrived in 2008. as pierce said, he'll play one more year with doc's clippers, then ride into the sunset. here's wishing him the best along the way. ed: just the last 18 years were remarkable. they won the championship within four minutes of another. maria: we are counting down to tonight's presidential debate, the first between hillary clinton and donald trump.
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maria as we look ahead to : tonight's presidential debate today also happens to mark a key moment in presidential history. ed 56 years ago today the first : ever televised presidential debate was held. vice president richard nixon and challenger john f kennedy debated in chicago. an estimated 80 million viewers watched. i remember watching that with my
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i remember watching this debate with my father that night that it happened and it was an historic event because it was the first televised event. everyone remembered nick's and -- nixon's appearance. he looked sweaty and unshaven and it made the difference. people who watched the debate picked kennedy as the winner, while people who listened to it on the radio named nixon the winner. the format has changed a bit since then the candidates were allowed 8 statements and 3 minute closing statements.
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maria: five for good tonight with an uplifting update. ed we introduced you to martin : phillips last month after a video showcasing his talents went viral. take a look at this martin, a one. patient at tufts medical center, had been waiting nearly 4 months for a critical heart transplant and today we learned he finally got it. the surgery took place saturday night and we're happy to report
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maria: so get ready for some rain. harvey: in keeping with the theme of the night, that is debatable. some wet weather tomorrow. ed: anthony ? ? grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few.
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astra zeneca may be able to help. >> this is chronicle. it is jc's trip of a lifetime. classic cuisine in paris. >> chicken cordon bleu, escargot. >> corit was tracking an object the size of a golf ball. >> committee pride in mexico. >> what's more i was told i could drive there. >> the names are familiar but the sound is off. >> we call it [inaudible] >> and when you get to street level. all bets are off.


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